Saturday 29 November 2014

A Big Knit.

Even I am shocked that I have the cheek to put one of my home made efforts in a postlet directly following the stunning handmade items from the Watts Gallery shop yesterday. I am however, wholly unrepentant! It has to be said that I've posted little about what I've been up to on the crafting front of late...I've not been idle but some makes are for Chrimble so obviously cannot be revealed at this point in time. Nevertheless I did finally finish this rustically wonky Aril blanket for my chum H at the weekend. It's taken me a fair while as I don't knit a great deal when it's hot...there's far too many distractions like Pimms and icecream for me to focus I am afraid. Please let me reassure you that I am not inflicting this blanket upon H...she asked me to make it for her having seen some of my earlier efforts and even asked me to put my name on it hence the daft label. It's been hard to actually get it finished because a certain black furry purry hears the clack of needles and is immediately in attendance trying to catch the wool. It's not easy to knit when you've got a huge cat "helping" you by killing the ball at regular intervals and then attempting to make off with his "prey" when it's still attached! Persistence pays though and I got there in the end. It goes off to its new home today.


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