Wednesday 5 November 2014

Samhain Dancing.

Look away now if you're bored to tears by tales of morris dancing...if not, please do read on.

Mythago had, by all accounts, an amazing evening of dancing at a local hostelry on Friday night. Originally I had put my name down for it but my plans changed at the last minute so I didn't make it on this occasion. However, the fun and frolics were not over for the weekend....oh no for us hardy souls went a-travelling way, way over to Oxfordshire.

So as not to waste a day's travelling moi, in my role as bossy secretary, organised a dance out at one of the pubs in the area with another amazing border side called Armaleggan with whom we have met up with on previous occasions. The Pear Tree at Hook Norton very kindly accommodated an inn full of mad morris peoples in all their bizarre clothing and painted faces. I think it more than helped that the pub landlord used to dance with Armaleggan. Anyone here's a few shots just to give you a taster of the wonderful lunch time we all enjoyed together.

As you can see we had sunshine and showers!



  1. Fabulous photos! My sister dances with a Leicester side, Black Annis, and I used to dance with Old Mother Redcaps, a Milton Keynes side. Judy's group named after a local witch, and my former group named after the owner of a brothel! Keeping up the family reputation then! Due to back problems I had to stop dancing, but I've now taken up the less strenuous line dancing.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and will bookmark it.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment! I started dancing as a complete novice last year and am truly addicted! Used to do line dancing years ago- great way to keep fit and so enjoyable!


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