Monday 17 November 2014

Ho Ho Ho!

I made a decision back in the late summer that I would like to do something extra to help a charity at Christmas this year. As a family I already volunteer for a local visually impaired charity and the small person has been working in Oxfam for a couple of hours every Saturday [he now juggles it with his paid weekend job]. I've done this type of thing since I was 15. I don't do it for any glory I simply like to help people and it helps me to remember and appreciate just how lucky I am. I toyed with various ideas but plumped for this yesterday after a request came up on our local FB page asking for marshals.

This is one of four 4k Santa Fun Runs held locally to raise money for our nearest hospice- each one will raise £30,000 to support St Catherine's over the twelve days of Christmas. Each participant pays an entry fee rather than having to raise sponsorship and everyone gets to dress up. There were all ages and abilities including appropriately dressed four pawed members!

Look who I got my photo taken with...the real deal...or so he told me and as we know Santa never lies!

People really did look like they were enjoying themselves.

Even the four pawed ones

Although perhaps one or two may not have been quite so enamoured.

And one found it all too exhausting!

A brilliantly positive experience and all for a great cause. As a footnote I did speak to the organisers who confirmed that all the runners had signed forms giving permission to share photos of the event. Mr GBT took the photos from his marshalling spot.


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