Wednesday 26 November 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Being a grateful member of the Stone Age generation before such things as "social media" were even a pipe dream....the inventors of those delights would have still been in nappies I'm quite sure....humour was delivered in different ways....papers, TVs, cards, books and the 'umble naff car sticker. Now I love a good car sticker that amuses me whilst I am sitting behind the said vehicle in traffic and there are no where near enough on display for all and sundry to enjoy/be offended by in my opinion, Left to my devices the metal box with a wheel at each corner would be positively festooned with such lovelies but I don't get the final say in these matters and BORING I have to share the car and do grown [perhaps that should be groan] up things like travel to work in it. Of course there's also the teenager's image to maintain. Ho ho!

Friday afternoon homeward bound I stopped behind a car at a junction with most excitingly stickers on the back. Sadly insufficient time to read all of them but mightily amused by "Old Git Inside" complete with an appropriate arrow pointing to the driver's seat and "Honk all you like...I can't hear you anyway!". My kind of person.

Fast forward to yesterday and I received a text from Mummikins to say they were behind a camper van displaying the following "Never piss off a witch!" It would appear I have inherited my Mum's sense of humour! Here I am doing my level best to look like a grumpy witch but I am not convinced that I would scare anyone somehow!


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