Thursday 13 November 2014

Random Ramblings

A series of bits and bobs that don't merit their own postlet but have given me pleasure over the last couple of weeks.

Common Darter dragonfly. It was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine we enjoyed at the apple day we danced at last month and was in no hurry to skedaddle off.

A sweet knitted witch and ghost that came my way after I took part in an online Halloween swap. They sat on top of my TV along with my table of other decs. I don't quite go to town as much on doing up the house as when the small person really was a nipper!

Beautiful branches dripping with ripe berries. These are hanging over a fence literally just round the corner from me and I noticed them when I went slogging horribly early Sunday morning. I informed Mr GBT who kindly and very sensibly waited until it was much lighter and sunny before heading out to take a photo for me.

Told you it was random but it gives you an insight into the things that tickle my fancy!


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