Thursday 6 November 2014

Rainbows at the Rollrights.

Sunday's adventure with Mythago continued at the Rollrights Stones. We had very kindly been invited by the Cotswold Order of Druids to perform at their Samhain ritual. It seemed apt to perform our story of the King's Men as this is the story of the Rollright stones see here for an explanation

Before we entered the circle the heavens opened but thankfully the skies cleared in time and the sun reappeared. It made the grass very slippery so we were all very cautious when dancing...particularly me because had I gone apex over bustle I would have ended up tumbling into the bonfire. Charred morris dancer is not a look I was going for. It meant our style was a little more restrained that normal! Thankfully there were no mishaps.

This maze appears in front of the stones. It looks like the one from the Rocky Valley.

Amazingly the quick changing weather conditions gave us not one but two rainbows in the time we were there.

Appropriately enough the second one was over the King's stone and Mr GBT managed to get a group shot of us all with our King  and Witch before the rainbow disappeared. It was a truly magical day.


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