Friday 21 November 2014

The Mystery Of Wuss In Boots and Alfie Bear.

Please meet Alfie Bear [so called because his name is embroidered on his foot]. Now I am not by any long chalk a fan of cuddly toys but my chaps won him in a raffle back in 2007 when I was holed up one Christmas with real flu [go to and stay in bed for a couple of weeks type flu] and he never left. Despite my misgivings I'm rather partial to his boot button eyes and generally laid back stance. Now I am more than aware that he might enjoy the odd slurp of Scrumpy or so and on occasion attend too many alcohol fuelled teddy bears' picnics where I find him later slumped upon my monk's bench a little worse for wear but......

frankly I was a little bit puzzled as to how he'd ended up on my bedroom floor a couple of times decidedly soggy......that was until this week when I discovered he's made a new chum. Here they are the partners in crime......

Now Humphrey is the polar opposite to our previous feline Psychocat. She was tiny and very feisty. She objected on principle to dogs walking past our drive even if they were on the lead and on the pavement...even that offended much so that she would hide up the side of our car and then ambush them, chasing after them hissing and spitting. As for other cats who dared to enter her garden....if she saw them they soon knew as she'd go flying out of the cat flap shouting the odds and showing no fear, wallop them one if they hadn't already scarpered. Aggressive wasn't the word....she was always very affectionate to humans but totally intolerant of any other creature...amazing really when you consider she had a gammy leg, was elderly and barely a tooth in her head. This one...well let's just say he's couldn't be more different. He avoids trouble at all costs and only goes out when he can't keep his legs crossed any longer. He doesn't have a vicious bone in his body...his idea of armed combat is to duff poor old Alfie over and chew his fur hence the rather sorry looking damp bear I've been finding of late! His antics have now earned him the nicknames of Wuss in Boots and Samantha the Panther!


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