Saturday 22 November 2014


One of my trade marks is that I often wear pillar box red lippy and I have done since I was a teen [in fact I wear lots of bright lippy colours as I'm pale like a wan ghost at the best of times!]. I learnt my lesson one day as I threw a nearly empty one into the bin not taking into consideration that the crawling small person had developed a latent talent for bin emptying. I found this out only when I discovered him and the brand new bedroom carpet liberally smeared all over in bright red lipstick. I just stood there and howled with laughter he looked so hilarious before unceremoniously dumping him in the bath so he couldn't further his handiwork. Thankfully the carpet wasn't stained either. Ah the joy of parenting little ones. It's for this reason that I've put up this clip today as it's brought  back very fond memories and a smile to my face!


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