Monday 24 November 2014

There, there dear!

The beginning of last week saw me sitting in our local hospital with Mr GBT nervously awaiting the results of some investigative tests I'd just undergone. Now I had been tremendously grown up about the whole business and had seen my Doctor at the first opportunity when I had had symptoms that are never welcome in a definitely post menopausal dame. I naively expected my GP just to dismiss my concerns with an airy wave but instead she sent me for an emergency referral which rather put the wind up me despite her reassurances that it was standard practice in these specific circumstances...I think the momentary look of wild panic on my face must have given the game away. I was terribly sensible throughout the two week waiting period for my appointment and deliberately didn't consult Google.....I decided that raising my blood pressure with a dodgy self diagnosis was not the way to go! Thankfully the results came back all clear....phew....then I howled like a baby once I got home. Strange reaction I think now but I can only think it must have been the release of all that pent up tension.

Fast forward to the end of last week and I was doing my usual dusting duties for my parents [dusting was supposed to be my Dad's job but he'd rather pay me to do has its uses have a professional housesparkler for a daughter!] and as I was cleaning the book shelves I happened upon this little tome [thank you Mummikins...she is unaware until she's just read this that I even borrowed it....she wasn't there to ask...bad daughter!] which was given to her following a major op some years ago I can only assume.

If you know anyone who is poorly may I recommend it as a most marvellous tonic. It's got some very down to earth advice in it liberally sprinkled with huge dollops of humour and some rather marvellous facts. Better still the author's royalties go to the Arthritis Research Campaign.

We might knock our NHS and there is much wrong with it but there is also much right with it and we're very lucky to have it. Having had both my trip and an unscheduled trip to hospital earlier in the year for another family member I remain in awe of what our Doctors and nurses are able to achieve and often under such pressure.  I think Maeve Binchy puts it much better than I ever could:

"We should rejoice that we live after rather than during the days of leeches and bleedings and dosings with unmentionable things. If ever there was a reason not to mourn the passing of the good old days, it would be in terms of health."



  1. Hi Aril, sorry to read you've had a few medical problems - but glad to know they're unfounded!
    I agree with you about the NHS, our local hospital is Stafford, and you know what a bad press they've had recently! I have nothing but praise for them, I have always been treated very well there.
    Wishing you continued good health.
    Rose H

  2. Glad to hear you got the all clear m'lovely. I can empathise entirely about the pent up anxiety. xx

  3. Many thanks for your lovely comments Kim and Rose. I was very relieved and thankful.


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