Monday 10 November 2014

Fungi Foray.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust offers a fabulous programme of free monthly walks around different parts of Sussex. When they're in my neck of the woods and if I'm available I try to attend. I did one back in April and went along again with my chum H yesterday. Everyone is very enthusiastic and generous in sharing their knowledge. I absorb new facts about our beautiful nature like a sponge and with twenty individuals all keeping a lookout many things are spotted. Although not billed as a fungi walk we clapped eyes on some wonderful examples yesterday. Where possible I've put the names against them if others identified them yesterday or if I've seen them either online or in my guide today.

Funnel Caps

Amethyst Deceiver

Penny Bun

Purple disc fungus [maybe]

Artist's Palette Bracket Fungus

Candle Snuff

Yellow jelly fungus

Ivory coral.

At the present time I don't know what the following ones are called. If other people identify them then I shall edit the post to update it!


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