Sunday 2 November 2014

Eslindone Part Two.

Slindon is very unusual because although small [it has a population of 500] ,it has both a Catholic and a Parish church. However, once you bear in mind that it is close to Arundel with its strong connections to the Catholic Howard family [the owner of Arundel Castle is the Duke of Norfolk] then it makes more sense.

I did peek around the door of the Catholic church St Richard's but I related far more to the slightly gloomy, dusty smelling interior of St Mary's.

The organ has the most beautiful decorated pipes- it may be that all organs are decorated in this way but I've simply never noticed before!

The way the light caught the back piece of the altar I thought was glorious and I was really taken with the simplicity of the two etched windows to David Beaty [1919-1999]. Very understated but a moving tribute nonetheless.

This fabulously coloured arrangement was in the porch.

Ah yes and then  finally we turn to this chappie Sir Anthony St Leger who died in 1539 and is resplendent in his full War Of The Roses armour. This is the only wooden effigy in Sussex...originally I thought that this was because they must have been rare, but having learnt more about burial practices on my Future Learn course last year, I now know that they were the cheaper option. Wood simply doesn't survive as well as its stone counterparts. Certainly the figure was meant to make a statement about his assets...erm from the size of that codpiece you could hardly miss that particular reference could you?! Don't be fooled though- codpieces were not only used to protect the genitalia but also to carry small weapons and jewels hence the reference to a man's "family jewels" chortle! Here is the fellow in question.

Well worth a visit if you're passing.


  1. Which future learn course did you do? I look at them from time to time but haven't found anything that would include burial practices, which I think would be interesting.

  2. It was part of the one they run on Richard III- I found the course really interesting. Currently doing one on Hadrian's wall.


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