Wednesday 12 November 2014

An Apple A Day....

Once upon there was a small hobbit sized garden with a very big tree. Now this was a magnificent tree which had lovely lime green leaves in the summer and sunny yellow leaves in the autumn. It lived happily in its little hobbity garden until the nasty cold winters came and killed it. The GBT hobbits were very sad when the man with the big saw said it had to come down but the dastardly deed had to be done...

It was indeed a very dark time for the Hobbits with no Ent to protect them...there was no feasting nor drinking of mead in the halls of GBT until one day  when Mr GBT discovered the dwarfs' horde of golden pennies....he plundered the treasure and with his bounty, made good speed on his short hobbit legs to the Forest of Newbridge....glad tidings for upon his return to the Wealden lands he brought back an apple bearing ent and once again the sounds of merriment can be heard echoing around the Towers of Gnat Bottom.

This is a James Grieve apple tree.It cost £34 which I think is a fruitful [geddit?!!] investment and provided it survives, I forsee many a fine crumble further down the line.Suitable for small gardens it's a dwarf apple tree with apples both suitable for eating and cooking and even better still, it's self pollinating. November is the month for planting...what's not to like!



  1. So sad that your magnificent tree came to the end of its life Aril, and how wonderful that dwarf James Grieve has moved in (and that it's self fertile). May you and James G have many fruitful years together!
    Rose H

  2. I have a James Grieve as well! :-) When i lived at my cottage it was close to the village of Yarlington, which boasted its own fairly rare old variety cider apple tree . My research at the time told me the J.Grieve was an excellent pollinator for it, and as i wanted to grow the local tree for homemade cider i wanted both. the yarlington was hard to track down at the time, but i bought The J,Grieve when i saw it. Sadly then i had to move before i ever found the Yarlington, but the little JGrieve came with me here!

    Leanne x

    1. How funny Leanne- my BIL who lives in Motcombe told us about it because he's got one. Small world! Thanks for the extra info...always love to know more!

  3. Happy hobbits are a joy. Let the mead be poured with a generous hand!


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