Tuesday 28 July 2015

Gardens, Gluts and Gluttony.

Right now we have lots of these

and lots of these. 

Along with courgettes, beans and raspberries coming through thick and fast. Leeks will be later in the season. The onions are drying in the garage and the raspberries are being frozen for jam making. Mr GBT is the clever chap behind our harvest...moi I just make sure we use it all and partake in the eating of it. I'm also incredibly lucky because I have a friend and a client with allotments who generously give me their surpluses as they know I will use every scrap of it. Waste not want not is the mantra here at GBT. When I get the chance I do try to share with them whatever I've made.

Yesterday saw me using up courgettes. I made a lovely mixed veg ratatouille type base with them along with some of our onions, a green pepper, a tin of tomatoes, a goodly splodge of tomato puree, rosemary from the herb bed and to it I made indents and added seasoned eggs. This is then covered in grated cheese and baked at 180C for about an hour. As ever mindful of the leccy consumption [I have my squeaky bottomed reputation to maintain I'll have you know!] I baked a tray of flapjacks and a courgette tea bread. I would have taken a piccie but the bluddy thing has split in half length ways so looks a bit of a dog's dinner to be honest [that put paid to the la-la blogland version of my life that I was going to spin you- knickers!]. Tastes good and has a really interesting topping of a large pinch of sea salt mixed with 1/2 tbsp demerara sugar. I would share the recipe but Waitrose haven't put it online. It's in their July magazine.

For a very brief moment I dipped my toe into the gardening pool and planted some Linara seeds. Despite my black thumbs they did flower but have now died back. They were pretty whilst they lasted but I have retreated back to my excellent position of armchair garden from where I can oversee the operations!


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