Now the schools have broken up and the summer holidays are in full swing I am finding I have the odd session free during the week as clients who have school age children go away. I use the spare time productively but sometimes that means taking the decision to have an hour or more out or a holi-hour as I like to term it. As they say a change of scene is as good as a rest. 

Today Mr GBT and I took a stroll down the town to take a peek at some of these. This is the Elephantastic Trail which was launched last weekend. It's been set up by our Rotary Club to fundraise for a variety of good causes. They will be auctioned off in a month's time. I should think it's manna from heaven for some of the parents as, other than a pound for the trail leaflet, it's a brilliant way to keep the kidlets entertained. My son would have loved it- as I have alluded to before in previous posts elephants were his world when he was younger. A brilliant idea and I hope they raise loads!

And why the devil not whilst we're on the topic of pachyderms here's the real thing chasing swallows.



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