Monday 20 July 2015

Natural Delights

Much as I love seeing new things and enjoying different experiences it's always the glimpse of a new-to-me flower or a creature which gives me the greatest thrill. These are some of delights from Orkney.

Firstly we have the floral ones:  Lousewort, Spring Squill, Heath Spotted Orchid, Ragged Robin, Cotton Grass and Northern Marsh Orchid.

Closely followed by the avian ones: Curlew, Hooded Crow, Razorbill and Oystercatcher.

Well then there are these two which win the prize for most adorable [yes I am having a very rare cutesy moment]. You can make up your own mind which one you plump for:


Or: Muffin. Shetland foal. One month old.

That is the last of the planned holiday posts. I could continue but I do appreciate that not everyone finds old stones and burial mounds fascinating like me. I'll probably put up an odds and sods post just to round it all off.



  1. The puffin wins for me ... it's adorable.

  2. As a victim of many a riding school Shetland pony (as a groom and instructor not as a rider) I have to reject the foal (I know what they grow into; tanks on four legs) and say the puffin is cuter. Even though the foal is really.


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