Most 'umblest apologies for my erratic blogging this month...normally I manage a postlet a day but having been away and only got back late last Monday and then bustled out of the door again after I'd finished my housesparkling commitment Friday morning for a whole weekend away I appear to have lost that darned jar with my brain in again! You'll be pleased to hear [or maybe not!] that there are no more big skipping off type jollies looming on the horizon so I should be able to gather my thoughts a little more coherently. I gave up in the end last week as I just couldn't engage the old grey matter sufficiently to write anything even half decent! Anyhow this chap is either a grey or a common seal [I can guarantee that if I say one or t'other I shall be wrong] was seen from the ferry as we crossed over to Orkney.

As for this weekend's shenanigans well....

There was originally a very innocent explanation in that my lovely dancing chum L and I were sheltering in her tent out of the drizzle but didn't want to get mud inside. However, she was breaking in a pair of New Rocks so she'd brought her other pairs just in case....well then we just got silly and rather smutty as you can see. Here we are in absolute hysterics!



  1. I'm pleased you'll be back blogging. Does this mean you've found the jar with your brain ... or are you going to try to manage without it?

  2. That looks fun. Shame you're not on a few more of this type of jolly! xx

  3. Nope no jar found as yet Eileen! Fear not LG I shall still be gadding about- just not for a whole weekend now the dance season is beginning to slow. There's a limit to how many times I'm brave enough to leave the teenager home alone!


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