Thursday 30 July 2015

Morris Dancing in Miniature.

Saturday saw Mythago making their annual return to Eastbourne for the Lammas Festival. It's always a good 'un but I've written about it before and by and large it doesn't alter than much from year to year. I've met a new side this season called Wicked Belly Morris. Fab set of lady dancers with sticking skills second to none [I might be just a tad jealous...strictly professional envy you understand] They are also wickedly funny and friendly and always look like they are having a ball. They seem to start their dancers off young...this little lady is 2 and sometimes she performs and sometimes she doesn't. It depends which way the wind is blowing and besides toddlers don't have to do reasonable...they do what they want if my memory serves me correctly. That's her Mummy in green. As they quipped...a dance written for four and a half dancers!


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