Saturday 25 July 2015

Ruthless Rhymes.

Mr Harry Graham poet of scorching wit meant what he fluffy bunnies here. Oh no cutting, gruesome wit perfectly tuned into the humour of children. These two were published in 1899.


Aunt Jane observed the second time
She tumbled off a bus
The step is short from the Sublime
To the Ridiculous.

Inconsiderate Hannah

Naughty little Hannah said
She could make Grandma whistle
So, that night, inside her bed
Placed some nettles and a thistle.

Though dear Grandma quite infirm is
Heartless Hannah watched her settle
With her poor epidermis 
Resting up against a nettle.

Suddenly she reached a thistle!
My! You should have heard her whistle.

A successful plan was Hannah's
But I cannot praise her manners.


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