A Pied.

As a reluctantish plodder, I have good friends who are proper runners- half/full marathon types and others, who like me, go out for a gentle pootle, but are not super fans. Chatting to a proper running friend we were discussing the differences in attitude- she loves running in the country whereas I would always rather walk. One of the major differences we found is that it was just down to the race/speed issues but in my case, I want to be able to drink in my surroundings and stop and smell the roses. With jogging I don't get that- I am simply focused on getting round the course which is why I always run the same route. I love learning about why others do the things they do and what makes them tick. Had I run on Sunday I'd have missed these little quirky treats which I encountered on our stroll over to start the scarecrow trail.



  1. Love the garage sign. I always seem to damage myself when using tools! x

  2. If there is a cack handed way of doing something I've done it!


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