Monday, 14 September 2015


Morning- it's been busy so there's lots to catch up on and adventures to blog about, but I feel a bit like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland "I'm late, I'm late!", so it'll have to be a very quick post today.

We've been to Norwich [more of that in posts to come]. This is a most fantastic piece of upcycling- in a previous life this was used by the Rowntree factory in Norwich to melt toffee. When the plant closed it was given to the cathedral and is now their font.

It's used regularly for baptisms and some dedicated soul must polish it religiously [an apt adverb I thought!]. It gleamed. We got some good reflections in it- the one of us looking like we were in a hall of mirrors amused me. That was the group we went round with when we went on the tour [you'll not be surprised if I tell you the tours are on the hour and are free!]

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