Saturday 26 September 2015


My recent trip to Norwich Cathedral and the sighting of Mr Gooding's memorial;postID=8482560597047717823;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=11;src=link has reminded me of the curious and wonderfully macabre carvings on a series of 17th gravestones inside the cathedral in Kirkwall which were taken up from the nave when renovations were carried out. They were rather partial to a skull or three. Frustratingly I don't understand them beyond knowing they are symbols of death, but it has got me intrigued so I want to find out more. I think they are stunning and I much prefer them to the sentimental Victorian puttos I'm more familiar with.

And on that happy note have a good Saturday one and all!!


  1. I was told that skull and crossbones on a tombstone is symbolic of our own mortality - a reminder to anyone looking at the grave, that they too will die one day!

  2. That's interesting Eileen. It's definitely something I would like to explore more! Arilx


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