The Compact.

I'm not a great one for things really- occasionally something catches my eye and I get a severe case of the "I wants"- this is a recent example. Yes I was surprised too but this particular piece of intentionally tacky Halloween kitsch made me laugh.

To be honest I struggle to come up with ideas if I'm asked. I don't think my Mum was wildly impressed when I asked for an extendable feather duster, a sugar thermometer and an umbrella for last Christmas but I have used all three and was very happy with my haul.

This last month I've been following The Compact As it's only for a temporary period I've not found it difficult but it has made me appreciate what I've already got and it makes me think about things. Items have been used up and repurposed as it's made me use my lateral thinking skills and I've identified a few projects that I've previously bought the bits for but haven't got on with. Money has still been spent on going out- you know me I most definitely do not cherish the hard done by/hairshirt approach to life. I'll be winding it up in a few days but it's been an interesting experience taking a step back and I think it will be one I shall repeat at some point in the future.



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