Wednesday 9 September 2015

Zero Waste Day Three

Risotto has disappeared and we are all still standing- more to do with Mr GBT cooking it rather than me inflicting my lack of cooking skills upon the family methinks.

Today we're going completely wild and I shall be making chips from the lurking potatoes. I leave the skins on anyway and we bake them in the oven. Haven't been in a household with a deep fat fryer since c1973 and to be honest the whole concept of a pan half filled with boiling oil scares the living daylights out of me. Isn't boiling oil what they used to pour out of the murder holes in castles to deter the invaders?!

Having solved the half pot of creme fraiche conundrum- that will be mixed in with pasta, ham and fried peppers/onions I have now discovered that the teenager has rather "helpfully" opened the packet of paneer which I bought on a whim [never a good idea in my case] a few weeks ago and has evidently decided he doesn't like it. I've had a bit...ewww it's not good raw. We tried melting it but it doesn't so it's going to be bunged in my aloo gobi recipe at the weekend. I have to say the teen has been far more vigilant in decluttering the box of rather nice cereal with dried raspberries in he's scarfed down the whole bleedin' lot and no, the contents didn't make it anywhere near his [or ours for that matter] cereal bowl. Having put him in the town stocks last night and thrown rotten eggs at him he is now totally repentant i.e he's not but he has been reminded about sharing. Little sodlet!

I shall put up a big girl's post later.


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  1. Funny that about the nice cereal. Louis' rather good at making sure that this is a zero-waste chocolate zone!


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