Friday 11 September 2015

Zero Waste Day Five

The fish pie went down a storm- lurking tatties were transformed into a mash topping with a generous handful of the cheddar with the parmesan style dried out edge and some of the paneer grated in for good measure [Mr GBT is a star in the kitchen!]. I have done my part honest- the last rock bun has been added to my lunch although I do have reason to believe that we've never actually let any piece of cake go to waste- funny that! Tonight sees pasta arrabiata- I'm a personal fan of all things involving pasta and tinned tomatoes not for their health giving properties, but for their ability to conceal things from prying eyes [bit like bottom of the fridge soup]. Tonight's lurkers will include some rather sad mushrooms [I can hear them weeping from here] and a leek top- I shall also substitute lemon balm from the garden as I have no basil I find.

That will be the final postlet in our Zero Waste series- we're off taking our son to visit a uni which is rather gruesome to get to by train. Normally he makes his own way but we shall spend the weekend whiling away the hours in Norwich. I'm taking some snacks with us but we shall be eating out and having paid for it, there'll be nowt left on my plate I can tell ya!


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