Thursday 10 September 2015

Zero Waste Day Four

All is going according to plan so far, not in any small part boosted by the fact that I recently defrosted the fridge freezer, so, being Very Organised, I made a list of the said contents [I do so like a list]. Last of the potatoes are going in with tonight's supper of the two bits of mystery white fish I found lurking in the icy depths [no idea why I bought these nor when- should probably be ashamed but obviously don't give a fiddler's flute] topped with a cheesy/mustard sauce. I think there may be a small amount of cheddar that doesn't make it in as, to be perfectly frank, one side's been grated and left to harden nicely where the wrapping has been left open- I think it's only viable role now would be to saw up wood...I don't fancy chipping my pearly whites on it. The only thing that never goes to waste here is crisps- I have worked hard over the years to earn the accolade of Snackette Queen and I'm not giving up my title without a fight. I am getting better at avoiding the crisp aisle when shopping otherwise resistance is futile.

Grown up post later.


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