Following on from yesterday's post there is a free Futurelearn Mindfulness course starting on 14th September. If you miss it they will rerun it at a later point- once you've joined you get regular email updates of the course start dates and notifications of new ones that have been added to the list. There is no homework or exams and you can study at your own pace. Whether you choose to read through the comments section is entirely down to you. The courses remain active on your page permanently so there is no deadline to meet. I have often gone back and finished them at a later date or with one, which didn't engage me, I gave up.

Thanks to my online chum L for drawing my attention to this.



  1. Might blog about the course as well tomorrow. Love the mindful Moomin! x

  2. Thanks Aril, I have signed up for this too x

  3. Hope you find it to be of usex


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