Tuesday 15 September 2015


To be honest I am artistically challenged at the best of times, but if I want to have a coloured kit for Mythago [they are optional], then I have to come up with a colour scheme and design. Way back in January I'd finally plumped for peacock hues as my inspiration and had bought a load of clothes from a jumble sale which I then cut up.

Determined as ever to keep to a modest budget and recycle I managed to find a black shirt in a charity shop which forms the basis for my tatters jacket and I have now passed it all over to my dancing chum Icebadger who has kindly agreed to make it up for me. She loves doing them, they take me for ever, I enjoy housesparkling, she doesn't so we're happily skill swapping. Everyone's a winner. She's made a start [these are photos which she has kindly allowed me to use] and is being ably assisted by her kittens. Cats, as ever, know about such things- indeed they are experts.

Prepare to be amazed for I too have pulled out the proverbial digit and after much initial twonking about [I pride myself upon my finely honed procrastination skills- it takes many years of thinking about doing things and then employing extraordinary distraction techniques to attain my level of displacement activity believe me!] I Have Got On With It as the following images attest. I still need to attach the cap onto the mask and get my mitts on some fabric to cover the back of it but the hardest bit is done. I deliberately kept to a simple design so that I would produce something I was happy with. I think it should look quite effective once it's worn with the rest of the kit. I am planning on wearing it around Christmas time as it's only for high days and holidays.


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