Tuesday 8 September 2015

Zero Waste Day Two

The chaps were force fed left over trifle last night for pud- you could hear the wails of protest down at Selsey Bill.

Today's cunning plan is to make a risotto which will mop up the half courgette I know is playing hide and seek in the fridge, the cooked veg from Sunday and various bits of cooked meat that we were asked to take home with us after a BBQ a couple of weeks ago [otherwise they were destined for the bin] which were frozen. I have reason to believe that there are a couple of manky bananas lurking which I'll stick in the freezer and I now have to decide what to do with half a pot of creme fraiche and our one lonesome butternut squash [all the others we grew went mouldy on the plant harrumph!]. Mr GBT kindly toasted the remaining slice of rather dry bread and had it for his lunch. He's a good egg really and willing to play along. The teenager has no idea he's partaking in any sort of challenge this week!

Not a thrilling post but just to show I am trying. I'm usually pretty good but sometimes things do end up on the compost that maybe could have been used up.



  1. Lady Magnon is away (in Sussex) so I've had a blitz on the fridge; there were things in there that I didn't even recognise.... certainly not risotto fodder.

  2. I know the feeling- I found something pushed to the back of the fridge when I cleaned it out. All I knew was that I'm sure you couldn't pour it when I put it in there originally!


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