Thursday 4 July 2013

When the midden hits the windmill.......

When I have a warty day like yesterday I have to dig deep to find some simple things I enjoyed so the whole day is not written off in a gloom of glumness. My clear intention is to send the black dog howling back to his kennel as fast as possible, tail between his legs.Yesterday's treasures were being able to watch a bluetit patiently feed her baby seeds on our feeder and an unexpected win of a handmade recycled shopping bag over on Ilona's Mean Queen blog.

Finally this is my small person when he really was a small person- it always makes me grin.

Ooh I am going to be in so much trouble when he sees this...just aswell I don't do repentance. I won't tell if you don't!!

Having given myself time to regroup I now await the delivery of a book on The English Way of Death by Julian Litten from the library with bated breath........:-) I'm off to find out about upright burials.....



  1. Hope your feeling brighter today, Aril {H}

    And isn't he ab-so-lute-ly adorable!! =)

  2. Thank you for your kind words Kadeeae. Having got the professional help I needed a few months back, I am now able to manage it a lot better so I bounce back a lot quicker once I've used the CBT strategies I learnt.


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