Wednesday 24 July 2013

And breathe....

We've all made it to the end of the school year- huzzah no packed lunches for me to make for 6 weeks. The small person is on sandwich duty until September- at the moment he's too young for a paid job but he starts a voluntary job at the local library helping out with the national summer reading scheme for 4-11 year olds this week [I gave him the initial paperwork but left it to him to decide whether he wanted to pursue it or not]. I remember what a godsend a free activity like that was for us that first summer following Mr GBT's redundancy. Between that, a couple of holidays and meeting up with his mates for tennis, cycling etc he should be kept fairly busy aswell as the obligatory two weeks spent twonking about on Facebook!

Anyway it's a mighty fine cliche but I have to leave you with the uber cool Mr Alice Cooper. I am swooning over the 1970s stage glad rags the chaps are wearing - the term itself originated in the 19th century and was a term for seamen who went ashore wearing bright clothes.


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  1. That's great, Aril! Pat on the back for small person, even if he does spend two weeks 'twonking' about on fb. lol :)


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