Tuesday 23 July 2013

One that made me stop and think.....

I am extremely good at not just jumping but positively leaping or even triple jumping to conclusions when I am not in possession of all the facts. It's a bad habit and one which has occasionally got me into trouble...I am slowly getting better but I do still from time to time open my big trap to change feet. Sometimes I read something that reminds me about waiting before I reach judgements. This is one such instance.....

"At times in life, it's not other people or events beyond your control that hold you back or get in your way. Your own attitude can be just as big a problem.

At school in Ghana, Africa, I was one of a group of boys who sat on the floor of our professor's office for a weekly lesson in 'Spoken English'. One day the professor put a large sheet of white paper on the wall. The paper had a little black dot on the right-hand corner.
When the professor asked "Boys, what do you see?" we all shouted together "A black dot!". The professor stepped back and said, "So not a single one of you saw the white sheet of paper. You only saw the black dot. This is the awful thing about human nature. People never see the goodness of things and the broader picture. Don't go through life with that attitude".

Life teaches you lessons in surprising ways and when you least expect it. One of the most important lessons I ever learned came from a sheet of paper and a black dot. They may seem like small things, but they were enough to prompt big changes in my outlook on life."

Kofi Annan


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