Merrie Monday

I absolutely adore this set of pins- it brings out my inner Beryl Cook. Sadly, I have never been able to get my own photo of them as I am always on the park and ride bus when I see them. They are to be found gracing the roof balcony on the Duke of York cinema in Brighton. They came to the city in 1991 following the closure of the Not The Moulin Rouge in Oxford.

It quite brings a lump to my throat to inform you that my can can dancing days were over before they really started....I have had the honour of owning my very own pair of frou frou undercarriage garments. Indeed mine were so divine that they looked like someone had stitched an enormous white doily onto my rump...however, if I tell you that at the time of wearing my parents affectionately referred to me as the Michelin baby due to my rather chunky little legs looking like tyres [some things don't change- I am still the proud owner of little chunky legs!] you will understand that I am of the 1960s generation that wore those voluminous nappy covering drawers. No disposables for my poor Mum. I am quite sure that the sight of me doing the can can would be absolutely dreadful for your blood pressure so instead I shall leave you with Buster Bloodvessel of Bad Manners who did it so much better than I ever could!



  1. Ah dear ole Buster! I do love a bit of ska - and he does it so well! Those legs are hilarious! Wouldn't you just love to have those on your roof!

  2. We must be a similar age Kim! I would so lovely something like the legs on my house but I wouldn't be brave enough...well not outside anyway!

  3. My era also! Loved that wee blast from the past :-)


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