Tuesday 2 July 2013

There's a hole in my bucket...

Well maybe not a hole but a bloomin' great crack right across the bottom. I'll admit it I have expensive tastes...the old champagne lifestyle on the lemonade budget syndrome. I also have a very overactive material girl who I generally keep shut up in her box but every once is a while she makes a Houdini type escape and then starts cartwheeling around the room madly whilst hollering all her wants. Sigh...this was the case with the strawberry dilemma. We had the offer of free strawberry seedlings but alas nowhere to plant them that would keep the ever evil, ever munching gastropods at bay. The material girl set up a whispering campaign for something pretty pricey in terracotta but actually what she got was this....I believe she is quite possibly still sulking.

This Heath Robinson affair was put together by Mr GBT for zero cost using said bucket [a kind donation from my parents] and some left over border edging. Glamorous it most certainly is not functional yes. The first photo was taken last summer when it was first made and the second one shows it in use and huzzah first lot of home grown strawberries and cream for tea tonight!

Never let it be said that I don't treat you with the gripping instalments of life here at Gnat Bottomed Towers!



  1. I think it's fab, Aril :)

    A lovely homegrown strawberry is a lovely homegrown strawberry, matters not what the container it was grown in looks like! I shall steel myself for the next instalment.


  2. Thanks Kadeeae. We're awaiting with anticipation the raspberries next :-)


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