Friday 26 July 2013

Venturing Forth To Pastures New!

I am exceedingly overthrilled about this coming Saturday for it promises many new adventures- having lived in Sussex for the most part of my life I am being wildly rash and crossing the county border from West to East in order to pay my first ever visit to Eastbourne. I have already dug out my tartan rug and flask in anticipation of needing to find a roadside stretch of tarmac upon which to place my deckchair in order to enjoy my picnic to the full! A bit of light drizzle so that I can reach for my cagoule would just be the icing on the cake.

And why this sudden impulse to travel one might ask....I am incredibly lucky to be waving my big stick [it will be sunny- I am steadfastly discounting any naff weather reports that dare to suggest otherwise] at the Eastbourne Lammas Fest. It's an event that as a Druid, I have longed to go to for as long as it's been held,
but we have always been away on our hols but not this year chaps. Hooray!!

Other than the odd shopping trip to Worthing [lots of charity shops- good for keeping the GBT purse stum] I rarely get near the coast so it will be a double treat. Having seen a picture of a close up of sand on The Book Of The Face yesterday this has given me the perfect, if exceedingly flimsy excuse to show just how stunning sand is [this picture was taken from Chris.B.Leyerle's blog] when seen under the microscope.


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  1. Oooh lucky you! Shall look forward to photographic evidence of festivities!


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