Thursday 11 July 2013

Homemade Runes

Every once in a while I go utterly mad and finish one of my carefully stored UFOs [UnFinished Objects] of which there might erm just be one or two lurking. I regret that you won't see a plethora of high standard craft projects. Firstly I am terminally slow and have the attention span of a gnat and secondly my crafting ability is what could be politely termed somewhat rustic. My primary job in the craft domain is to admire the work of others. At the moment I am not allowed to start anything new- I have been knitting a rainbow blanket for months and am now on the last strip but until my tatters jacket is finished everything else is out of bounds. Otherwise if I don't stop twonking about the newest member of the morris side is going to get her jacket finished before me!

I made these runes a couple of years ago after a jolly good chum showed me how to do them. Having sawed a hazel branch into the appropriate number of discs for the runes I then sanded them before drawing each rune on in pencil. Much as I'd like to be the owner of a pyrography pen I found a soldering iron did the job of burning in the runes perfectly adequately. They were finished with a matt varnish. The bag was a bit of a game- I reused the lining of a wicker basket and traced the triskele and Rocky Valley maze onto greaseproof paper again in pencil. I then pinned the design onto the bag and after many trials and tribulations I backstitched through the actual paper to the material with ordinary sewing thread. I then wet the fabric and peeled the paper off with tweezers. A bit fiddly but it gave me the result I was looking for. A cheap and cheerful make.



  1. I think they're wonderful! You've done a brilliant job.
    Rose H

  2. Thank you Rose- as I said they're really easy peasy to make [otherwise I can assure you I wouldn't have made them!] so hoped by explaining how they were done others could have a crack at it too. Virtually free to make aswell!


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