I only need the flimsiest of excuses......

...to write about one of my all time pet subjects. An online chum, Nyk, went to the trouble of sending me the following snap of a greenman she saw on the Pilgrim Way near Whithorn.

Now never let it be said that perhaps I suffer from a mild obsession with the wee chappies....my family would beg to differ and suggest perhaps that I am afflicted by a total obsession. The house is busy with the little fellows and chums and family have contributed further to them...I'll take full credit for that particularly fine piece of training thank ye. Erm yes I might just have a greenman bag and the odd item of themed  jewellery in my possession but no items of clothing as yet [there is still time!]. Perhaps verging on the slightly tragic I have already done my research for our up and coming holiday by bookmarking relevant sites....the chaps will, as ever, be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of poking around churches you understand, especially the small person. Anyway the sheer thrill of a new photo to be added to my collection has sent me scurrying to my archives I'm sure you'll be most delighted to hear! Snigger, snigger!

The first one I am embarrassed to admit was staring me in the face for years [I even worked in the building opposite] in my home town and I still didn't spot the Greenman and more unusually the Greenlady. It still took someone more eagle eyed than me to point out the cat on his head!

The following two are in Devon

On the font in Lostwithiel church, Cornwall

Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
And finally most appropriately for a morris dancer one of our local hostelries!

I suppose that it will come as no surprise then to find out that I am a member of the Company of Greenman site either then....they have a fascinating blog and a twice yearly e-newsletter should you wish to learn more and have got this far.....ow the GBT purse has just poked me in the ribs to remind you that it is FREE [her capitalisation not mine!]  to join. She sits on my shoulder, ample cleavage shuddering as she tsks her way through my posts. She insists on monitoring what I write so I don't start talking or even more heinously planning to to spend any of her precious wonga!



  1. LOL! I love the way you write! And as a fellow Green Man-a-holic - I'm off to find that web site!

  2. Thanks Kim- Leanne, over on Tales of Simple Days first told me about the website. It's fab and only encourages me further!

  3. Many thanks for the mention of The Company of the Green Man and for sending some new members our way. (and yes it is completely free....honest)

    All the best


  4. Thanks for the mention- glad to be of service. It's a super site and gives me much pleasure!

  5. I'm fascinated with Greenmen too and have a number of them on a wall in the garden so I've loved your photos :)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. There are sooo many links on that site, Aril!! I could be lost for days . . . .

  7. Thanks Rose H for your comment. You can never have too many greenmen in my opinion. Mr GBT found another one on the same building as in the second photo in this postlet. I shall put it up in due course.

    I totally agree Hearthwife the site is fab- could easily lose hours on there!



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