Sunday 7 July 2013

Hidden in Plain View

When I am on holiday I find I really notice quirky details and it all adds to the experience of being away. After last year's break, I came home resolved to really look hard when I was on foot in my home environment and pay a great deal more attention to what's around me. On some occasions I have been quite successful and discovered some lovely little visual treasures - I am quite sure that my hit rate is also raised because of my incurable sticky beakedness. At other times though the policy is falling somewhat short as the photographic evidence proves....

I saw these amazingly detailed bronze [at least I think they are bronze] wreaths on the back of the war memorial when I was staggering around my home town yesterday- not only are they sizable they are also slap bang in the middle of the town centre and I must have walked past them zillions of times. No excuse for missing them whatsoever...however, have rectified the situation today by generously allowing Mr GBT some time off to go and photograph them for me with his new birthday camera. I'm a kind person like that...all "my" photos I show on here are actually taken by him- quite often I simply point and he presses. He's a good chap like that!

As you will see in the final photo the caption is Celebration of Life- I found that a very poignant and positive message to be placed upon the war memorial. If you look very carefully there is a dragon hidden amongst all the familiar British wildlife!


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