Tuesday 16 July 2013

Woodland Wanderings....

Jolly hot and yes I, plus Mr GBT and chum, have been gallivanting around some local woods- not quite as mad as it may sound as we were being walked by a rather lovely collie labrador cross called Bonnie at the time. Said chum was dogsitting for her parents.

The woods were wonderfully cool- not many flowers to be seen at this time of year apart from this Musk Mallow [I think but please do correct me if I am wrong] but H said she'd seen her first ever Angel Orchid there earlier in the season- up until then I'd never even heard of one!

Lots of lovely butterflies to be seen- sadly they were not playing ball and simply refused to stop long enough for Mr GBT to take a photo of them. They were just getting on with the business of being butterflies fluttering back and forth in the dappled shade. For that reason I have had to "borrow" a couple of online photos on this occasion instead.

Firstly the rather splendid Silverwashed Fritillery

And secondly the White Admiral

Finally this rather surprising sign...... had we known better we could have taken the pony and trap but instead we felt sorry for the grubby white charger [the one Mr GBT uses when he is doing his knight in shining armour routine] and had given Ned the afternoon off because of the heat!


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